Taekwondo for Adults

Are you stressed out about your work and low energy every day? Are you tired of exercising alone?

Jeong – in Taekwondo helps adults train their body and relieve stress by teaching the right way of using all parts of the body and healthy mind reinforcement including self-defence techniques. Jeong-In Taekwondo you will join with other like-minded adults to engage in exciting and social exercise.

Taekwondo gives you a boost in energy and can improve your daily life by helping you become calmer, more focused and goal oriented in your personal and professional life. That’s one of the reasons why we say martial arts is not just a sport but a way of life.

You will learn kicking, striking, self-defense and have a good time with great adult friends who will encourage and motivate you. Over time, you will gain confidence and peace of mind from knowing how to train your body and mind.

Our class program is designed by combining traditional Taekwondo with modern Taekwondo and conditioning programs. Classes are conducted by dedicated, passionate and professional instructors who have taught taekwondo for more than 10 years.